CIA – BASIC adventure game

…for English speakers only…

CIA is a text adventure game, programmed in BASIC, from the book :

Basic fun with adventure games

by Margaret Ann Zuannich and
Susan Drake Lipscomb, 1984.

I’ve typed in and tested the program with my Apple II computer in June 2018. No special adaptation was needed, the task was pretty straightforward.

The plot

You are a CIA agent. The department has received an anonymous tip that the
Russian Ambassador to the United States, Vladimir Griminski, is passing classified U.S. Defense Department information to the KGB. Your job is to obtain evidence implicating Ambassador Griminski as receiving classified information so that the United States can have him expelled.

The Ambassador is attending a meeting at the Russian Embassy tonight. You have two hours to search his apartment before he is expected to return. Your adventure starts in your Headquarters office. You can then proceed to Griminski’s apartment. You must be extremely cautious, as some clues may be booby-trapped. When you think you have sufficient evidence to incriminate the Ambassador, call Headquarters. Your Control will ask you to list your evidence and tell you if it is sufficient.

Can you accomplish your mission before Ambassador Griminski returns to his apartment? Good luck!

The source code

Code in BASIC for Apple II can be downloaded here : cia.bas.

The plot
Some explanations
Get prepared for your mission!